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A Family’s Perspective

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A Family’s Perspective

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As parents, we looked at several daycare centers in the DFW area when we came across UUMC. We knew we had found the right place for our kids. Currently, we have 3 kids attending University UMC. Our 5 year-old girl has been there since she was 2 years of age and our twin boys are now 7 months and will continue to attend there.

Our experience with the staff and teachers has been nothing less than fantastic. To begin, the Director, Mary Larson, keeps a careful eye on everything at the school. She’s always there to greet the parents in the morning and as they leave in the afternoon. She takes the extra time to get to know you. Her door seems to be always open should we need to come by. In choosing a daycare, having a Director who was fully engaged was a very important factor in our decision-making.

In addition, the teachers have all been wonderful with the kids. A great thing about the school is that they don’t over tax the teachers with too many kids in one classroom. Therefore, the children get more one-on-one attention and that was important to us in choosing a daycare. It’s not just a daycare either. The teachers plan out a curriculum that help develop reading and writing skills. In addition, they have music day, offer dance classes, a Spanish class and other activities that enrich the kids’ day. This has helped our daughter become more outgoing and develop skills that will help her when she enters Kindergarten. Our twin boys, who are 7 months, get the attention they need. As parents, you are always hesitant to leave your infants but because we knew the school and the teachers took time to visit with us, we knew that they would be in good hands. The boys get fed, changed and receive just the right amount of care.

Overall, we have been very happy with UUMC. Our daughter has made many friendships there and our sons are happy. Unlike those over-priced, sterile day-care centers you see now, UUMC has very much an inviting feeling. We wanted a place where not only our kids could connect with the teachers and staff, but us as well. We wanted a place where we can be on a first name basis with everyone. In the end, our kids continue to be happy there and that makes us happy too.

Thanks to Mary and all her great staff.

Joe and Jenny Z
Fort Worth, Tx.

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